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Watchdog Monitoring and Remote Management Services

At the heart of our offerings is the basic premise that it’s much better to prevent downtime than it is to react to downtime.  In this, we are strongly positioned to provide a comprehensive proactive approach to monitoring and managing your environment, thereby preventing or greatly reducing any unexpected downtime.  This, of course, is highly preferable to a reactive course of action that us usually more expensive in terms of getting somebody onsite as well as the effect on your business.

At a very high level, we provide three areas of service – Remote Monitoring, Remote Management, and On-site Assistance

Remote Monitoring

At Watchdog IT Services, we will monitor over 50 different “pressure points” in your IT infrastructure that can bring your business to a screeching halt if not cared for properly.

  • Backup software: Did your last backup complete successfully?  Are you sure?  If you need to recover data, what is the most recent data that is available for recovery?
  • Anti-Virus: Is your Antivirus software up to date?  Is it running?  Are you sure a worker didn’t turn it off for some reason?
  • Patch Management: What is the status of your patches in your environment?  Did you miss a critical patch?
  • Network functionality: What is the status of your network?  Are you experiencing any outages?  Are you approaching the point where you need more bandwidth?
  • Disk Drives: Are you running daily scans of your hard drives to check for errors or corruption?  Are you aware of any drives that may be filling to capacity?
  • Performance Monitoring: How fast are your systems running?  Should they be running faster?  What’s causing the slowdown?
  • Windows Events: What types of system events are occurring that you’re not aware of?  Some of these are trivial…most in fact, but some can be critical and provide early warning of impending problems.  We’ll look at these on a daily basis for you too.

Remote Management

At Watchdog IT Services, we are able to directly log into your environment to fix problems as they arise, oftentimes before you are even aware that a problem existed. This, of course, is dependent on you granting us authority to do so.  A monthly report will be provided to you to detail every remote login session we initiate for auditing purposes, as we fully understand this kind of work requires trust and tracking.

On-Site Assistance

At times, situations will be encountered where our remote efforts will not work. For example, if you need a new hard drive installed, or a new network card, or some other kind of effort that requires an engineer to be onsite.  In these situations, our preferable method would be to use your “normal guy” for this.  Every company has what is referred to as a ‘break/fix’ guy that they go to for the urgent on-site assistance.  We can add this contact to our alerting so as problems arise, they are aware.

We can also help you with your Search Engine Optimization efforts, identifying where you can do better, where your competition is beating you and coming up with a game plan to improve your Google rankings.

In the absence of such a contact, Watchdog IT Services can send a person onsite at our normal rate or $125.00 per hour.


We’ve stated that supporting your business is our business and we cannot do that to the best of our ability without sharing important resources with you.  The better educated you are, the better you environment will run.  Of course, we are more than happy to completely monitor/manage your environment, but we also understand some business owners are interested in learning more – so below are some key resources to help you on your way.