Best Contract Management Software

Best Contract Management Software

Sales teams that utilize PandaDoc’s software typically see a 65% decrease in the amount of time they spend on document creation. Download our guide to quickly determine which one is the best fit for your needs. Low Pricing Choose from our range of simple, affordable pricing plans, all with unlimited users. In response to the increase in demand, a host of contract management systems have entered the market.


And the CRM integration allows you to easily pull customer data from your CRM into a new contract, so no manual data entry is required. The software also comes with customizable user-role management and approval processes. Different employees require different levels of user access, so PandaDoc lets you modify these accordingly.

Best Contract Management Software

For example, it allows organizations to process legacy contracts and digitize them efficiently. Just upload a PDF document or a scanned copy of the contract, and the AI engine will extract key metadata and clause language. Its advanced algorithms allow the detection of duplicate data for better consistency. These are just some of the processes that AI automates, therefore reducing a large amount of manual work.

Springcm For Small Businesses

24/7 Support Talk to our dedicated customer support team, here to help 24/7. Custom Reporting Stay updated on every aspect of your contracts with custom, scheduled reports. is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Read more about contract management software here. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology.

  • However as is typical of deep-feature highly-custom platforms, there’s considerable complexity involved, which is made more difficult by a less-than-intuitive interface.
  • The system is designed to enhance the service quality for your customers in need of support.
  • Lastly, Octiv is a completely mobile-responsive application, so you can easily manage your contracts on the fly.
  • The software also comes with customizable user-role management and approval processes.
  • With these, users can easily prepare the necessary files for day-to-day operations without the need for multiple platforms.
  • The contract manager could leave the organization after implementing a system that does not make sense to future managers.

The drag and drop user interface helps all stakeholders, even those without technical knowledge, use Ironclad. Some are for the sole proprietor who is trying to keep track of the few core contracts that keep his or her business afloat. Others are for large teams who are maintaining the thousands or even millions of contracts that accompany multinational corporate behemoths.

Ready To Take Control Of Your Contracts?

And the software tracks the performance of various workflows to provide data-driven metrics for improvement. And users can quickly generate new contracts from pre-existing templates and implement redlining, routing, eSigning, and approvals for shorter turnaround times.


Funded by investors including byFounders and Gradient Ventures, Contractbook was founded in Copenhagen in 2017 and serves over 100,000 users in more than 75 countries with data-driven document automation. Our goals are the same as yours; to make contract management smart and simple. Precisely lets you optimize your contract management lifecycle, all the way from initial request to the renewal of contracts.

Why Is Contract Management Software Important For Your Business?

As you can see in the table provided, inefficient approval processes are considered a problem in terms of productivity by 66% of businesses as it can cause deals to stall. Finally, the system comes with an asset management feature, which allows you to safely store and access any pertinent information—no matter how old. PandaDoc can be used on multiple devices including web-based devices, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows. Users pay an annual subscription of $15 per month for the Professional plan or $49 per month for the Business plan.

Common Functionality Of Contract Management Software

Use the Nintex Platforms to finalize contracts more easily, close deals quicker, and make time for other business. By automating contracting processes from beginning to end, your organization can boost productivity, increase compliance, improve the bottom line and help your salespeople. As a product of SAP, this platform also can integrate with any of your backend systems.


And the online negotiations and redlining feature accommodates commenting, redlining, and editing directly within the document, which significantly speeds up the sales cycle. Concord comes with pre-approved templates for faster contract creation. And the version-control feature ensures that all users receive up-to-date versions of the document. And you can take advantage of the template library and preapproved clauses to create and customize new contracts.

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