The free Software Foundation ! My best youtube documantary  for you

The free Software Foundation ! My best youtube documantary for you

Hello everyone, in this article, I’m going to introduce you to Wikileaks and Richard Stallman’s Free Software Foundation.

What is the Free Software Foundation?

By designing the gnu gpl, lgpl and fdl licenses under the aegis of richard stallman and eben moglen, the foundation becomes a legal guarantee for gnu. In a legal environment marked by the imprint of copyright, the gnu project is organized from the outset by assigning its rights to the foundation. The notion of copyleft introduced by the gpl makes it possible to protect the community construction of the gnu project. It is a form of governance adapted to the common goods and represented by the political project of the foundation.

This mechanism will be reproduced again by the mozilla foundation. Apart from the gnu project, this protection is provided for free application projects that wish to be protected by other organizations such as software freedom conservancy (en), software in the public interest or software freedom law center, a structure affiliated to the fsf. The definition of free software describes the tables that must be filled in for a software to be considered free.

We revise it from time to time to clarify or resolve difficult issues. If you would like an overview of these changes, please see the history section below. Open source is something else: it has a very different philosophy based on different values. Its working definition is different as well, but almost all open source programs are actually free. We explain this in “how open source loses sight of the free software foundation“.

A program is a free application if it gives all these freedoms to the users in an adequate way. Otherwise it is “non-free”. Although we can distinguish between different non-free distribution schemes, by quantifying what they lack in order to be free, we consider them all to be equivalent in their lack of ethics.


In each of the scenarios, these freedoms must apply regardless of the code we plan to use or to push others to use. Take for example a program a that automatically activates a program b in order to handle certain situations. If we choose to distribute a naked, it forces even users to use b, so it is up to us to judge whether a and b are both free. However, if we plan to modify a so that it does not use b, then only a must be free; b is not relevant in this case.

How to get gnu applications?

You can get gnu software in several ways: by downloading a completely free gnu/linux distribution, by copying a friend’s copy, by buying a computer with a completely free preinstalled gnu/linux system from one of the pmi’s that offer it.

You can also download individual packages from the internet or by ftp. By using the gnu guix package manager to install gnu packages and manage maintenance; with the gnu gsrc collection to easily install recent gnu packages independently of others; with the gnu ppa or gnustep ppa; by fetching the development sources for a package and compiling them. Many gnu packages have their sources hosted by the gnu savannah site. Gnu. Org: Some packages use other source repositories or have none at all.

Some videos of Richard Stallman

What is Wikileaks?

The wikileaks site announced the publication, this Thursday, of more than two large quantities of emails from Syrian officials, dating from August 2006 to March 2012. Called ‘ syria files ‘, they ‘ are embarrassing for Syria, but are also embarrassing for opponents outside Syria ‘ according to Julian Assange, founder of the site.

Some mails reveal, for example, that an Italian firm has supported the repression in Syria by selling its technology to local poultry. Wikileaks was created in 2006 by John Young and Australian Julian Assange. Its objective: to publish confidential documents resulting from leaks, while keeping their sources anonymous. About nine people joined the team.

None of them receive a salary. Pursued in a rape case, Julian Assange is now a refugee in the Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid extradition to Sweden. An accusation that arose a few steps after the publication of 90,000 confidential documents on the war in Afghanistan.

Some videos of WikiLeaks

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